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Monday, July 16, 2012

Game Times

First Game Times
(subject to change)
Home Team Decided by Coin Toss

Game 1 - 8:30 north (big) field -- Tumornators vs. Foot Fury

Game 2 - 9:15 north field - Mug's Thugs vs. Rogotzkes

Game 3 - 8:30 south (small) field - The Jokers vs. Balder and Uglier

Game 4 - 10:00 south field - One Kick Wonders vs. Overzealous High-Fivers

Game 5 - 9:15 south field - Toejammers vs. Team Hope

Game 6 - 10:00 north field - "Sock" It To Cancer vs. winner game 1

Game 7 - 10:45 north field - We Got The Runs vs. winner game 2

Game 8 - 10:45 south field - It Burns When I Kick vs. winner game 5

Tournament Rules can be found in previous post.

Game Rules

Kickball Tournament Rules and Regulations

Please remember that this is a family friendly event with the goal of having fun and raising money for a good cause. Good sportsmanship is required!

1.       A regulation game will consist of 5 innings or 45 minutes. 

2.      Teams consist of ten players on the field.  All teams are Co-ed and must have a minimum of four females playing.  Playing with fewer than four females will result in an out at that point in the kicking order.

3.      No more than two males may kick in a row.

4.      The strike zone extends 10” on either side of the plate and 12” above the plate.  Taking pitches that are even close to the plate is frowned upon!

5.      Kickers start with a 1 & 1 count.  It is an out if the ball is fouled off twice after one strike. 

6.      The ball may not be kicked until it crosses the front of the plate. 

7.      No bunting.

8.      No leading off bases until the ball is kicked.

9.      No stealing bases.

10.  There is no infield fly rule; however, if an infielder intentionally drops an easy fly to make a double play, all runners will be called safe.

11.  One base is awarded on an overthrow that leaves the field of play.

12.  Headshots:  Any ball that hits a runner at the top of the shoulders or above automatically results in all runners advancing to the base they were in progress towards.  Runners may not duck or bend over to intentionally take a headshot.  They will be called out!

13.  No blocking bases.

14.  The runner may over-run first base only.

15.  The pitcher must pitch from the rubber.  STRAIGHT PITCHING ONLY!!!!

16.  No player may field in front of the 1st – 3rd base diagonal other than the catcher until the ball is kicked. Penalty will result in all runners advancing to the next base.

17.  The catcher must field behind the kicker, within or directly behind the kicking box, and may not cross home plate or be positioned in front of the kicker before the ball is kicked.

18.  Games with a score differential of 10 or more runs after the 4th inning will be terminated.  Games with a score differential of 15 or more runs after the 3rd inning will also be terminated.

19.  No metal spikes.

20.  The winning team must provide 2 umpires for the following game and keep score of the game.

21.  Teams must be ready to play at their scheduled game time, so that the tournament may be kept on schedule as much as possible!

(Note:  This is not a complete list of rules, and the WAKA official rules of the game will be consulted to assist in answering any questions that may arise.)

Please remember that this is a family friendly event with the goal of having fun and raising money for a good cause.  Good sportsmanship is required!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Here is a sneak peek at what the t-shirts will look like.  We need to have t-shirt orders by the end of this week to be sure we order the correct quantity and sizes, so if you are thinking of getting any, let me know soon!

We have gotten some team registrations and are waiting for some more that we know are coming.  We should have at least twelve teams, which should make for a good tournament.  We have room for more teams, so let us know if you are planning to be a part of the fun! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just over three weeks until the kickball tournament and family fun day!  There are many people lining up their teams - please get your team registrations in as soon as possible.  I need to have t-shirt orders by July 7 if you want to be guaranteed a shirt in your size, so get those in as well. 

Many fun activities are being lined up.  We will have some inflatables again, including a 70 foot obstacle course, which is almost twice as long as the one we had last year.  More fun!  We have added Bingo to the fun kids' activities, along with some new games, activities, and prize-winning opportunities. We are working on a few other fun ways for the kids to spend some time! 

We have had a great response to requests for sponsors and donors.  THANK YOU to everyone who is sponsoring or helping out with this event.  Check out all the sponsors on the side bar!

Everything is coming together - we can't wait to have you join us for a fabulous day!

If you need registration forms, t-shirt order forms, or any other information, please email me at 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Register Your Team!

We are ready to accept registrations for teams wanting to be a part of the kickball tournament.  If you would like to register a team ($50 registration fee), please send an email to and the information and forms will be sent out to you. 

T-shirts will also be available this year, and that info can be sent along with the team registration info.  If you just want to know about t-shirts, or have any other questions about the kickball tournament and family fun day, email the address above. 

We are again looking for businesses and individuals who might be willing to sponsor this event.  Contact us if you are interested in being a sponsor! 

More information should be coming on a regular basis, so check back often!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Planning is Underway!

Planning for this year's Kickball Tournament has begun! The tournament will be held on Saturday, July 21, 2012 in Sanborn, Minnesota.  We are hoping to make it bigger and better than last year's fantastic event.  Mark the date on your calendars, start putting together your team, and get ready for a fun day in support of a wonderful cause.  See you there!!